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Relocation 101

Relo 101 – Domestic and International Corporate Relocation Process

Whether you are moving for the first time or a seasoned expatriate, it is nice to have a reference for your upcoming move.  The below outlines the main touch points of any move and what to expect at each step.  Please remember your TWW Client Service Team Representative is your sole point of contact for the entire household goods relocation. In order to avoid any confusion or incorrect information, it is important to direct all questions or requests to the TWW team.

  1. INITIATE MOVE – New move is initiated via our online portal or by your employer.

  2. COUNSELING SESSION – TWW’s Client Service Team Representative (CST) will contact you immediately to initiate a counseling session. During the counseling session, TWW is gathering required basic information to ensure a smooth relocation. We need to know your key dates, explain or identify proper documentation, and answer any preliminary questions. We will follow up with an email detailing the information obtained during the counseling session and provide the necessary forms required for your relocation.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your relocation including helpful hints and information about your destination. (i.e. Foreign customs, what items are prohibited and voltage requirements)

  3. SURVEY- TWW will contact you to schedule a convenient date/time to survey your household goods. The surveyor will estimate the weight and volume in order to identify the mode and containers required for shipping. The surveyor will also note any special packing requirements. Please feel free to point out any delicate, irreplaceable or special items. Remember jewelry, coin collections and currency may never be included in your shipments!!!

  4. CONFIRMATION OF BOOKING - After the survey, your TWW CST representative will discuss the results of the survey and notify you of any exceptions to your employer’s policy. We will also schedule pack/load dates if you are ready and answer any additional questions you may have thought of during the survey.

  5. PACKING YOUR SHIPMENT- TWW will contact you the day prior to packing to confirm the pack dates and also advise the estimated time of the packing crews’ arrival. We recommend all items not being shipped by TWW be separated into a special place/room in order to prevent any confusion or being packed inadvertently. These items would include passports, suitcases, valuables etc.

  6. TRANSIT- Your goods are loaded and transported to the port/airport of exit. As always, your CST representative will be available to answer any questions during transit and keep you informed on the status/changes of your shipment.

  7. CUSTOMS CLEARANCE - Upon arrival at destination, TWW or our representative will notify you of your goods arrival and arrange clearance. Depending on the country, you may or may not be required to be present for the clearance process. Your TWW CST representative is always a phone call or email away 24/7 to assist you.

  8. DELIVERY- TWW’s representative will contact you to schedule and coordinate your delivery after customs clearance.

  9. FOLLOW UP- TWW’s CST representative will contact you via phone or email to follow-up on your delivery and verify your satisfaction. We truly value your feedback and constantly look for ways to improve our service.  Please contact your TWW CST Representative with any questions!!!

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